Enrolment verification

Memorial is using a new Canadian digital credential platform, MyCreds™️ to issue academic documents, including enrolment verification letters, electronically. Find out more about MyCreds™ on their FAQ website.

Most registered undergraduate or graduate students can use the online enrolment verification service via Memorial Self-Service. Undergraduate verifications are processed through MyCreds™. Graduate students should contact sgs@mun.ca for more information.

Details are available for international students renewing their study permits or undergraduate medical (MD) students looking for enrolment verification.

Request an enrolment verification

Your enrolment verification will be uploaded to the MyCreds™ platform for electronic sharing and downloading. With MyCreds™, you get access to a secure, password protected learner credential wallet that allows you to share your credentials anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Login to Memorial Self-Service, click on the Student Main Menu, then Registration followed by Request Enrolment Verification.

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the page and select the semester for which you are requesting an enrolment verification.

Step 3: Select the letter request type (details, standard or terms (semesters) attended).

Step 4: Click the Submit button to request your enrolment letter be sent to MyCreds™.

Payment: After submitting your request, you will receive a confirmation email from MyCreds™ to your @mun.ca email address. There is a one time charge of $10 to download and/or share your enrolment verification. Payment processing happens securely through the MyCreds™ platform.

Requests for enrolment verification, made in person, are charged a $15 fee. Verifications will be uploaded to MyCreds™ where payment can be made online.

International students

If you are on the St. John's campus and require an enrolment verification for immigration purposes, complete the Confirmation of Enrolment to Renew Study Permit form and submit it to registrar@mun.ca or to our office in A 2003.

If you are a student on the Grenfell Campus, enrolment verification requests must be submitted in person to the Registrar's Office (AS 277).

There is a $15 fee for this request.

Undergraduate medical (MD) students

Learners who are actively registered in the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program must submit a request for enrolment verification using the online Enrolment Verification Form. Learners who have been newly admitted into Phase 1 of the MD Program but have not yet begun their program of study must request confirmation of their admittance into the MD program via email to lws@mun.ca.

Processing time

Most verification requests are processed within two business days. If extenuating circumstances warrant a priority service, call 709 864 8260 or visit our office in A 2003.

If you are having problems accessing Memorial Self-Service or submitting the Enrolment Verification request, email registrar@mun.ca, call 709 864 8260 or visit A 2003.

You can find out more about MyCreds™️ on their FAQ webpage.