Required to withdraw

Any student who has previously been given an Academic Warning and who again fails to meet the requirements for Academic Criteria for Continuance will be required to withdraw from Memorial.

The purpose of the required withdrawal and the dismissal period is that students take the time to reflect upon what went wrong and what they can do to improve their grades when they do return.

The dismissal period for a first required withdrawal is two semesters. The dismissal period for a second required withdrawal is three semesters. The dismissal period for a third required withdrawal is six semesters.

Readmission appeals

In very exceptional circumstances it is possible to make an appeal for readmission (Calendar regulation: 6.11.3(4)) before serving the full period of dismissal. This is possible only once a student has served at least one-half of the period of dismissal.

The deadlines to submit appeals for readmission are:

  • Fall semester - June 15
  • Winter semester - Oct. 15
  • Spring semester - Feb. 15

Once an appeal is complete it normally takes two weeks to be heard by the special Senate subcommittee. 

For further information on readmission appeals: