Career advice and information

Many students are undecided about their program or major, and the career path they want to follow when they graduate. It is completely normal to be unsure or to change your mind. When thinking about your future, it’s important to know that all degrees are versatile – the number of occupations to which one degree can lead is virtually limitless.

If you are not sure where to begin, there are steps you can take to help!


Explore different areas to discover what interests you. Ask yourself: What am I good at? What am I interested in? What are my values? What do I enjoy doing? Look for overlaps and themes in your answers. Then think about how different academic programs (and careers) could incorporate these interests, skills, and values, and how the courses you choose could fit into your career path.

Be intentional and strategic with your time, both in and out of the classroom. Get involved and participate in events, programs, and activities that will allow you to try different things, meet new people, and build your experience. Remember, discovering what you don’t like can be just as valuable as knowing what you do like.

Assessment tools

Career assessment tools can be useful for self-exploration and career planning. They can encourage you to think about what type of work interests you, the work environment, and what you need to be successful. Increasing your self-awareness can help you identify your interests, skills, and values in order to set goals for your future. Connect with Career Development to learn more about how to access the following assessment resources:

  • Holland Code
  • Career Cruising
  • StrengthsFinder
  • Strong Interest Inventory
Meet with a career advisor

Meet with a career advisor to help you discover your strengths and interests, identify goals, and explore potential career paths you can achieve with the various academic programs at Memorial.






The range of career possibilities is endless. But the choice is yours to make — no one else’s. And remember, making a program choice does not mean you cannot change your mind along the way, or that you are locked into a certain career path. If you have questions about exploring careers, email