Admission to a Major


To be eligible for admission to HUMAN BIOSCIENCES, you must have completed at least 8 undergraduate courses.

 These courses must include the following:

  • 6 credit hours CRW (at least 3 credit hours in English courses)
  • Mathematics 1000 (or 1006)*
  • Two first year Chemistry courses
    [1050 & 1051]
    [1200 & 1001]
    [1010 &1050]**
  • Biology 1001 
  • Biology 1002 OR Human Biosciences 1001
  • at least one elective

You must obtain a minimum average of 60% in these courses.

*Some students may need to complete Mathematics 1090 prior to Mathematics 1000 (or 1006)
**You must be eligible for Chemistry 2400 in Fall of second year. It is recommended that you complete Chemistry 1051 before beginning second year of studies.




To apply for admission to a MAJOR/MINOR in HUMAN BIOSCIENCES, you must complete:

  1. the  Department's Online Application for Admission form    ....or
  2. the Registrar's Declaration/Change of Academic Programme form (see forms link) and forward it to 

 If you choose to submit the online form, you will authorise the department to complete a Declaration/Change of Academic Programme form and send it to the Registrar's Office on your behalf.

There is no deadline for application but we we strongly recommend that students apply to declare their majors no later than May 31 in any year so that your major is on record at the Registrar's Office before Fall registration starts. It generally takes about two weeks to process an application though it can be slower at some times of the year. We will notify you by email when we have processed your application.

Students who do not declare their major by May 31 may not be eligible for departmental scholarship or other award nominations.

Updated May 2024