Income Tax Information

The T2202 contains the eligible tuition fees paid and attendance information needed for preparation of your income tax return and is available, for any given tax year, no later than the last day of February of the following year. If you pay an outstanding tuition amount for a prior tax year (beginning with 2019), Memorial will provide you with an amended T2202 form for the year the tuition payment was applied. You will then have to file an amendment to your tax return in order to claim the adjusted amount. For more information on filling amendments, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency webpage.

You can access the form in Memorial Self-Service under the Financial Information menu.

Effective January 2019, all post-secondary institutions in Canada were required to collect students’ Social Insurance Numbers (SIN). This information is required for T2202 tuition and enrolment certificates. SINs need to be collected prior to the February T2202 processing. For more information about this required change in process, visit the CRA website.

If you have already provided your SIN, no update is required at this time. To provide your SIN, login to Memorial Self-Service, Main Menu, Personal Information and click on the option to enter your SIN.

If you have questions regarding your T2202 enrolment details, email
If you have questions regarding your T2202 eligible tuition fees, email