Selecting courses

Undergraduate Students


Once you have declared or have been accepted into a program of study, you will need to determine the courses that will meet the degree requirements. If you are a first year student you should review the sample first year programs for St. John's campus and Grenfell Campus students.

When registering for courses, make sure to choose courses that do not conflict with other courses (even when studying remotely). If conflicts cannot be avoided and you must register for courses in the same timeslot, consult with instructors of both courses to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Course offerings for upcoming semesters/sessions are posted online and in Memorial Self-Service approximately one month before registration begins, which allows you to create a sample schedule and timetable ahead of your designated course registration time. It is recommended that you create more than one sample timetable, in the event that one of more of your chosen courses is full or waitlisted when you attempt to register.

Seek academic advice

If you are a new or returning undeclared student and you have additional questions about registration or course selection, book an appointment with an academic advisor at the St. John's or Grenfell Campus

If you are a current or returning student who has declared a major, contact your academic unit if you need advice on course selection.

Non-credit courses

If this is your first semester registering for courses or your first time taking laboratory science courses at Memorial, you will need to complete some non-credit course work. These non-credit courses will not count towards your maximum number of credit hours in the semester they are completed.

Placement tests

If you want to take entry-level math courses at Memorial, then you may need to take a math placement test to demonstrate that you meet the prerequisite requirements.

Graduate Students

All students should contact their supervisor, graduate officer or department head for assistance in finalizing their course program.