Late drops: update on signatures required

Nov 10th, 2020

Office of the Registrar

Late drops: update on signatures required

In light of challenges experienced with the transition to remote learning, the Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies has approved a motion to modify General Undergraduate Regulation #3. For the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters:

From the beginning of the ninth week following the first day of lectures in any semester to the last day to add courses in the following semester, a student who is prevented from completing the requirements of a course by illness, bereavement, or other acceptable cause, duly authenticated in writing, may drop a course without academic prejudice. This may occur only with the approval of the head of the academic unit of the student's program or in the case of students who have not declared a program, the head of the academic unit of the course in question, who shall consult with the course instructor. A grade of DR will be assigned in these circumstances and will be entered on the student's record.

Under normal circumstances, the student would require the signatures of the course instructor and the head of the academic unit.

Students with questions on the impact of dropping a course, or other questions which are academic in nature, should speak with an Academic Advisor. Students who indicate they are anxious or concerned with their stress and their workload, may benefit from the resources available from the Student Wellness and Counselling Centre or the Grenfell Campus Counselling and Psychological Services.