Transfer Credit Process

Once you receive general admission to the University, a transfer credit evaluation will begin.  If you hold a degree, an evaluation will not be completed but specific courses can be evaluated upon the request. If applying for a program that requires prior university-level (or equivalent) study completed as a condition of admission (including degree programs offered by the School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Education, and the Marine Institute), a course-for-course transfer credit evaluation will not be required. Rather, the admissions committee for the faculty, school, or program to which you are applying will assess your transcript(s) to determine whether you meet the related admission criteria. See the appropriate faculty or school section of the Calendar for the relevant program admission requirements.

Course descriptions/outlines

Detailed course descriptions /outlines are required to be submitted to process the transfer credit evaluation. Most academic units require the course information provided include:

  • Name of course
  • Name of institution
  • Description of course content
  • Textbook (including author’s name and edition)
  • Learning objectives
  • Course evaluation (assessment scheme)
  • Topics and chapters covered

Calendar descriptions are not normally acceptable for the transfer credit evaluation process.

These detailed course outlines should be sent to the Office of the Registrar directly by an appropriate official at the institution in question either by email to or by post to the address below:

Office of the Registrar
Memorial University
P.O. Box 4200
St. John's NL A1C 5S7

It is preferred that any documents submitted be in Word or pdf format.

English translation
All documents required for transfer credit eligibility must be in English. Translated documents must be notarized.

How transfer credit decisions are made

Course equivalency is determined by the academic unit responsible for each respective subject area. This is done by comparing the course and transcript information available for each student with existing Memorial University courses in that subject area. The process is co-ordinated by the Office of the Registrar.

A number of courses from many recognized post-secondary institutions have already been evaluated for equivalency with Memorial University courses. Where precedents exist, transfer credit can be awarded by the Office of the Registrar when the student's transcript is received.

How credit is awarded

Eligibility for credit transfer at Memorial University is assessed and awarded on a course-by-course basis unless there is an official agreement between Memorial University and a sending institution to admit students with advanced standing in specific programs. When an academic unit determines that a course relates to a particular subject area or level but not a specific, equivalent course offered by Memorial University, unspecified credit hours may be awarded in that subject area. You may find unspecified credits useful in meeting elective requirements in your degree.

Length of the transfer credit process

Evaluation of transfer credit eligibility begins when all required documents have been received and an admissions decision has been made.

It typically takes from four to eight weeks from the time an application decision is made (with all transcripts and course outlines received) to complete the process with notification of the results to you. The time required to complete the process depends on the number and nature of the courses and subject areas involved, the quality of the information available on the transcript(s), and the degree of detail available from the course information you have supplied.

Communicating results

Transfer credit evaluation results are sent by the Office of the Registrar to your email account.


Questions regarding the transfer credit evaluation process or the status of a transfer credit evaluation may be directed to or by phone at (709) 864-4424.


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