Non-credit Courses and Placement Tests

Before you begin your first semester at Memorial, you will need to complete some non-credit course work and you may need to write placement tests in order to register for mathematics and laboratory science courses. 

A. Academic Integrity

Integrity 1000 is a required non-credit course which you will automatically be registered for when you register for your first-semester courses. The course will be available in your list of courses in You can start INTG 1000 after registering for courses and you must pass this course before you can register for the next semester.

B. Laboratory Safety

If you are registering for laboratory science courses, you need to register for Science 1807 (Safety in the Science Laboratory) and Science 1808 (WHMIS), online safety training courses. These non-credit courses must be completed with a grade of at least 80% before the end of the registration period and can be accessed through (Brightspace). Any questions can be directed to

C. Calculus Placement Test (CPT)

The CPT is an examination of a student’s knowledge of differential calculus. The test may be written by students in Newfoundland and Labrador who are currently completing Mathematics 3208, and out of province students who are currently completing a university level course in differential calculus and obtain permission from the Program Officer. Students who pass the CPT with a score of at least 50 per cent will be awarded credit for Mathematics 1000.

D. Math Placement Test (MPT)

If you want to take an entry level mathematics courses at Memorial, then you may need to take a math placement test to demonstrate that you meet the prerequisite requirements.


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