I've been admitted. What's next?

1. Accept your offer

Congratulations! Let us know you’ve been accepted. Use #memorialuniversity and get social with us.

If you've received an offer of early acceptance, don't forget to send us official, final transcripts and certificates before the document deadlines. Your acceptance status will be verified after we review your final transcript results.

Confirming your acceptance

Applicants are required to confirm their acceptance through the admissions portal once an admission decision has been made. You can confirm or decline the acceptance through your My Account page. Select the relevant application, then under the Decision History tab you will be able to select Respond Now

Applicants receiving an early acceptance are not required to make a confirmation deposit. A confirmation deposit is only required once your acceptance has been verified.

You should check your My Account page regularly but you will also receive an admission decision via email. Admission decision emails from competitive-entry programs will be sent to your @mun email account. Admission decisions for general admission programs will be sent to the original email account provided on your application. Confirmation directions and deadlines will be indicated in the admission decision email and/or on your My Account page.

2. Set up your student email and MUN login ID

Application information and general admission decisions will be sent to the email address provided on your application. However, once you’ve been accepted, Memorial University has a single email policy, meaning that all official correspondence will be sent to you through your assigned @mun.ca email. This includes important information about faculty/school admission decisions, course registration, scholarships, and residence.

To set up your student email account, you'll need to create a MUN login ID. Your MUN login ID gives you access to your student email, as well as other online student services at Memorial, including wireless, and my.mun.ca.

3. Apply for a study permit (international students only)

If you are an international student intending to study in Canada for more than six months, you will need to apply for a study permit from the Government of Canada. Your study permit allows you to study at a designated learning institution, such as Memorial University. You can start the study permit application process with either an early or verified acceptance from Memorial University, which will be sent to the email listed on your application. Applying to study in Canada can take several months, so allow for sufficient time to process your study permit application.

In order to apply for a study permit or visa, you’ll need to be accepted to an institution that has a designated learning institution (DLI) number. Memorial’s DLI number is O19440995346 (beginning with the letter O, not a zero).

All new students travelling from outside of Canada to attend Memorial should also complete the Memorial Arrivals Form in order to be enrolled in support programs (such as the airport greeter program).

If you have immigration or arrival questions, contact the Internationalization Office.

Provincial Attestation Letter application process

As noted in recent announcements from the Government of Canada, as of January 22, 2024, most undergraduate study permit applications will also require an attestation letter from a province or territory. 

Memorial University's Provincial Attestation Letter (PAL) application process has begun and is being implemented with priorities for contacting admitted students determined by semester.

Applicants who are concerned about the timeline for obtaining a study permit may wish to consider requesting an application deferral to the next semester.

4. Find a place to live

Now that you’ve been accepted, you can apply for Student Residences. To submit an application, you’ll need your MUN login ID. If you have questions about your residence application, contact Student Residences

For international students, review additional accommodation information and connect with an international advisor if you have any questions.

5. Check out our online orientation

Begin your university journey and support your success by joining Memorial University's online orientation.

6. Prepare for registration and connect with an academic advisor

Information on how and when to register for courses will be sent to your @mun.ca email about one month before registration opens. You can also check your registration date and time through Memorial Self-Service and review how to register for undergraduate courses beforehand.

You'll want to review first year information, especially the non-credit courses and placement tests you may be required to write or complete before starting your studies.

When reviewing course offerings and making a schedule, you'll find the list of building abbreviations and our campus maps may be useful, or you can check out our walking campus story on Instagram.

If you need help selecting , choosing an academic program, declaring a major and/or minor, understanding degree requirements, and registering for courses, connect with an academic advisor.

Should you need support for a disability or other accessibility-related challenges while studying on the St. John’s campus, contact Accessibility Services.

7. Register for courses

You register for courses online through Memorial Self-Service. You can make changes to your schedule from your assigned registration time until the close of registration. But you should register at your assigned date and time so you don’t miss out on your preferred courses.

If you are registered for courses and your acceptance has not been verified before the first day of classes, your admission will be revoked and your registrations dropped unless you have made arrangements with the Admissions Office.

After registration has begun

Once registration for a semester has started, course availability may become limited. Acceptance to Memorial does not guarantee the availability of desired or required courses. If you wish to apply after registration has started, you are encouraged to contact the Office of the Registrar before you apply to confirm course availability and to confirm that you can complete the admission process in time to begin the semester.

Application deferrals

If you are not planning to attend, it is important that you drop any registered courses before the first day of the semester. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from attending in the semester for which you applied, please review how to request an application deferral.

8. Review health insurance information and coverage

All students studying at Memorial are required, as a condition of registration, to purchase health insurance. Health insurance fees are assessed automatically at the time of registration.

Canadian students

Health insurance on the St. John’s campus is administered by the Students' Union (MUNSU). If you have alternative health and dental coverage, you may opt-out of either or both plan(s). More information is provided at www.munsu.ca.

International students

All registered international students are automatically enrolled in the Foreign Health Insurance plan. To discuss the eligibility of public health care (Medical Care Plan or MCP), opting out of the Foreign Health Insurance, or transferring into one of the student union plans, review the international health insurance information and contact the Internationalization Office.

9. Pay your fees

Tuition and other student fees are assessed when you register for courses. Memorial reserves the right to change regulations, fees, and charges. The deadline for fee payment is the first day that lectures begin for each semester in which you are registered. 

There are a number of ways to pay your fees, including options to pay online. Review the accepted methods of payment for undergraduate tuition and fees before the deadline to pay your fees. If you have questions about charges and payments, contact the Cashier's Office.

Payment option for international students

Memorial University has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) to give international students and their families an easy, fast and affordable way to pay for tuition and related fees using the WUBS bank transfer and online payment platform Convera. Visit the Cashier's Office for more information on the Convera payment option.

10. Prepare for your first week

Check out the events, services, and resources offered by Student Life to help prepare you for your first week of classes. Make sure you attend our Welcome Week and MUN 101 online orientation. International students should also be sure to review the resources provide by the Internationalization Office.

We can't wait to welcome you to campus!