Information about PAS/FAL option

Mar 24th, 2023

Choosing a pass/fail (PAS/FAL) grade can have implications if you’re competing for or maintaining a scholarship, have plans to apply for admission to graduate, professional or other competitive programs that rely on GPA or numeric scores, or if you are required to maintain a particular overall average to graduate in a major, minor or honours program. You should discuss this option with your instructor, preferably before the end of your last class, to see if it is possible for your course. It is the instructor’s discretion whether they wish to permit PAS/FAL grading in their course.

If you decide to choose the PAS/FAL option, it may not be possible to switch to a numeric grade at a later time as there is no obligation for your instructor to keep a record of that numeric grade. Read more about the PAS/FAL option in the student FAQ. Students should contact their department or faculty undergraduate advisor or the Academic Advising Centre with additional questions. Information about grades, averages, and GPA is available online.