Registering Online

Online course registration is done through Memorial Self-Service.

Step 1: Login into Memorial Self-Service

Your User ID is your nine-digit student number. More information about your PIN can be found on the login page. 

When using Memorial Self-Service, it is important that you navigate through the pages using the buttons on the Web pages, rather than the navigational buttons of your Web Browser.

Step 2: Select "Registration"

From the Student Main Menu, choose the Registration Menu. You should be taken to this screen:

Course Registration Menu

Step 3: Register for Courses

There are two methods for adding classes online:

1. Through the “Add/Drop Classes” menu

If you click on “add/drop classes”, you will see the add/drop page. To use this method to add classes, you must know the CRNs of the sections you wish to add. (Note: If you do not know the CRNs, you can find this information by selecting the "Class Search" button).

Once you enter the CRNs in the workbook, you must click on “Submit Changes” to process your registration requests.

2. Through the “Look up Course Offerings” menu

If you click on “Look up Course Offerings”, you may search the course offerings by subject.

Advanced Search

When using the "Look Up Course Offerings" menu, it is also possible to search by specific information through the advanced search option:

    • Course Title
    • CRN
    • Day and Time Offered
    • Campus 
    • Part of term
    • or a combination of these
 Step 4: Confirmation of Registration

Once the system has processed your requests, it will show the course section that could be successfully processed.

If it was not possible to be added to a course, or if there is an issue raised by your selection, you will see an explanation. Common explanations may address issues such as these:

  • you have not met the course prerequisite(s) (a form to request a waiver of a pre- or co-requisite is available)
  • you have not met a reserved seating requirement
  • your selection has introduced a time conflict with another of your registrations (note that the system will advise you of the conflict but will not prevent or correct it if you choose to override the warning)
  • enrolment in this section is at maximum capacity

Read the explanation(s) carefully. You may be able to take further action as indicated in the pull-down list next to the explanation. For example, if it is possible to waitlist for a course, further action is required. 

Step 5: Pay Tuition

Tuition and related fees due are listed for each semester once you have registered. To see the amount due, visit the financial menu in Memorial Self-Service. You can also use this menu to pay these fees.

Still having trouble registering for a course? Check out the frequently asked questions for enrolment.  


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