Reserved courses

Priority in registration in many courses will be given to students who meet specified programs of study, such as admission to a degree program (including diplomas and certificates) and certain majors, minors or concentrations.

Reserves are indicated, below the course, in the online course listing. For example, under COMP 2650 you may see:


This means that students who have declared majors in dietetics, biochemistry, or biology, etc., will be given priority in registering for this course.

If you see


the course will be reserved for students who have declared a major in anthropology and a minor in English.

If you see


the course will be reserved for students pursuing a bachelor of science (honors) with a major in physics. Check the reserve codes table for possible reserve entries.

Reserves may vary according to course section. You should check all sections of a course to determine if you are eligible to register for it. It may be that not all spaces have been reserved, which means that an attempt to register could be successful.

If you change your academic program after registering, any course reserving in effect will be enforced. When your program change is processed, your registration will be reviewed and any course section for which you do not meet course reserve requirements will be dropped from your schedule.

At the academic unit's discretion, reserved seating may be lifted at the end of the day on which all undergraduate students have had the opportunity to register (see Important Dates and Deadlines for the specific date each semester). If you were wait-listed for a course which was initially reserved, you may automatically become registered for that course after this date if the reserve is lifted. Check the online course listing under RESV LFTD to see if a course reserve is scheduled to be lifted. Check Memorial Self-Service for your registration status after reserves are lifted.