Grade Point Average (GPA)

Only courses that receive final numeric grades and points are included in the calculation of the grade point average (GPA). In calculating your GPA, the grades obtained in the A part of linked courses (e.g. MED 310A) shall be included in the current GPA only, while the grades obtained in foundation courses and work terms shall be excluded. Credit received as a result of transfer credit and challenge for credit are not included in the calculation. Your GPA is not rounded.

Current GPA

Your current GPA is based on final grades and is a measure of your academic performance in a particular semester.

The GPA is calculated by multiplying the points associated with each letter grade by the course credit weight. The total number of grade points earned are then divided by the total of the course weights.

(Letter Grade)
Points# CreditsPoint Value
English 109049 (F)030 x 3 = 0
Mathematics 100070 (B)333 x 3 = 9
Psychology 100085 (A)434 x 3 = 12
Biology 100162 (C)232 x 3 = 6
Music 261786 (A)424 x 2 = 8
Music 261190 (A)414 x 1 = 4
Current Grade Point Average1539/15 = 2.60 GPA
Cumulative GPA

Your cumulative GPA is a measure of your academic performance over your academic career.

Your cumulative GPA is calculated by dividing the total number of points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted. For each course used in the calculation, the points associated with each letter grade are multiplied by the course credit hour value.

When any given course, or an equivalent or cross-listed course, is attempted two or more times and is not repeatable, only the best attempt is included in your average.

In the example below, Math 1001 was attempted and passed. It is included in the calculation of current GPA for that semester. As it was attempted in a later semester, with a better result, it is excluded from the calculation of the cumulative GPA.

CourseGradePoints# CreditsPoint Value
2018-2019 Fall
Biology 100185434 x 3 = 12
Chemistry 105053131 x 3 = 3
English 108075333 x 3 = 9
Math 10016223 (E)2 x 3 = 6
Physics 105070333 x 3 = 9
Current Grade Point Average1539/15 = 2.60 GPA
Cumulative Grade Point Average1233/12 = 2.75 GPA
2018-2019 Winter
Biology 100288434 x 3 = 12
Chemistry 105174333 x 3 = 9
English 111090434 x 3 = 12
Physics 105181434 x 3 = 12
Math 100187434 x 3 = 12
Current Grade Point Average1557/15 = 3.80 GPA
Cumulative Grade Point Average2790/27 = 3.33 GPA

The culumlative GPA has been calculated since the beginning of the 1980-81 academic year.


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