ADVISOR Newsletter Winter 2017


We hope the winter edition will give you useful information that will help you as you advise students who are planning to attend Memorial this year.

As always, we welcome your questions and comments. If you need information about Memorial programs, the admissions process and general regulations, please contact the Academic Advising Centre at 709-864-8801 or


Guide To First Year 2017-2018




The Academic Advising Centre is responsible for easing the transition from high school to university for entering students and ensuring that all students obtain sound and accurate academic information and advice.

The Academic Advising Centre
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Science Building, Room SN4053
St. John's, NL
A1B 3X9


Academic Advising at Grenfell

Academic advising is committed to helping students from the time of their first inquiries about attending Grenfell Campus to their graduation and working closely with faculty and staff.

Contact Information:

Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
20 University Drive, Corner Brook, NL
A2H 5G4, Canada

Office: AS277
Phone: (709) 639-6298




Memorial’s annual high school advising visits are scheduled to take place through March, April and May.

Each year, advisors from our campuses in St. John’s and Corner Brook, accompanied by faculty and staff members, meet with close to 2,500 students who are planning to attend Memorial in the fall semester.

The Academic Advising Centre has begun scheduling advising visits for this spring. If you have not already been contacted, you will be hearing from us in the near future.

These visits give us the opportunity to meet with students individually to assist in developing an Academic Plan for each student as they prepare to enter their first semester at Memorial.

During these meetings, we will help the students select courses for the fall semester based on their intended degree program. If they are undecided, we will suggest courses that will help them explore various subjects and keep their options open for second year.

We also give students information about the upcoming Math Placement Test and the Calculus Placement Test, scholarships, housing, student services and academic resources available on campus.


To be admitted to Memorial, students must earn 10 credits in each of the following Grade 12 academic or advanced-level subjects with an overall average of not less than 70 per cent compiled from the grades received in the courses selected:

  • English 3201,
  • Mathematics 3200 or 3201,
  • Laboratory Science (one of biology 3201, chemistry 3202, earth systems 3209 or physics 3204),
  • Social science (world history, world geography*, world religions**) or modern or classical language (French, Spanish, etc.)
  • Elective (any grade 12 level course that satisfies high school diploma requirements that has not been used to meet one of the above four academic subject requirements)

* Geography 3200 does not satisfy this requirement.
** Two courses are required in this subject if credit value per course is 1.

Memorial University offers general admission to all applicants who meet the minimum criteria for general admission. Applicants who are offered general admission can be admitted directly to the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Business, and Grenfell Campus (all programs except the Bachelor of Fine Arts).

The deadline to submit general applications for admission for the fall semester is March 1. Applications received after this time will be processed as time and space permits. Separate faculty or program application deadlines may be in effect. See the Application Deadlines for Direct Entry Programs section below for details. Decisions regarding faculty applications are made by the related academic units and applicants are notified by the units directly regarding their admission status.


Please note that certain courses may be substituted for specific general admission requirements. Please contact the Admissions Office directly at for further information.



Applicants should apply online using Memorial’s online Application for Admission and Re-Admission. Benefits of using the online application include:

Admission Inquiries

General inquiries:




First Year Success is an enhanced first-year experience designed for those students entering Memorial with an admissions average below 75%, as well as those unsure of their academic or career direction, or apprehensive about the transition to university life.

Students in First Year Success will undertake several unique, skills-building, academic-credit courses alongside classes required for their intended degree program. FYS students will have frequent and targeted interactions with academic and career advisors, as well as support staff from all across the university.

The FYS program commences in September. Students register for two of the core FYS courses in the fall semester (University 1010 and 1500) and one in the winter semester (University 1020), along with other advised first-year courses pertaining to their academic goals and intended degree program.

Because it can be difficult for us to know which students meet the criteria, we would appreciate your help in identifying those who might benefit from taking part in FYS. If you know of any students who might be a good fit for FYS, please feel free to contact us at: For more information about the program, please visit our website:


First Year Math Courses - Math Entry Requirements 

St. John’s Campus - Math 1090A/B

The Math Department of the St. John's Campus has introduced MATH 109A/B. This is a two semster course version of Math 1090. This is a linked course is open only to students who have completed Academic Math 3201 in high school with a final grade between 65 and 74%, inclusive.

For complete details please visit the St. John's Campus Math Department website.

Admission to Memorial does not grant automatic access to first year Mathematics and Statistics courses. Each of our entry-level courses, and the required prerequisites for each are listed below. Note that all entry requirements are reviewed annually, and are subject to change. National and International students must have an acceptable standardized test score (Math Placement Test, G.C.E., I.B. , SAT, etc.) to gain access to courses.

Newfoundland and Labrador students are granted access to entry level courses based on their high school Math 3200 or Math 3201 grade, as shown in the table below.

Math Entry Requirements for Newfoundland and Labrador students attending St. John's Campus  


Academic Math 3201

(Will not write MPT)

Advanced Math  3200

(No Changes in the Math 3200 stream)


Not permitted to enter Math 1000 Directly from HS.

Must complete MATH 1090 or 109A/B before attempting MATH 1000


Must obtain a grade of 75% or better


Obtain a grade of 75% on MPT


at least 75% in 3201

(these students will not be permitted to write the MPT)


Obtain a grade of 50% or better in

Math 3200


Obtain a grade of 65-74% in Math 3201

Students with a grade of less than 65 will not be permitted entry to Math 109A/B and will not be permitted to write the MPT

(can be used as a  pre-requisite for Math 1000 and only offered at the St. John's Campus and is a two semester course)

Not Applicable

Obtain a grade of 50% in Math 3201

(is not a pre-requisite for math 1090, 109A/B or 1000)


Obtain a grade of 50% in Math 3200

(is not a pre-requisite for math 1090, 109A/B or 1000)

1052/1053Not offered at St. John's  CampusNot offered at St. John's Campus




Math Entry Requirements for Newfoundland and Labrador students attending Grenfell Campus  


Academic Math 3201

(Will not write MPT)

Advanced Math  3200

(No Changes in the Math 3200 stream)


Not permitted to enter Math 1000 Directly from HS.

Must complete MATH 1090 before attempting MATH 1000


Must obtain a grade of 75% or better


Obtain a grade of 75% on MPT


Obtain a grade of 50% or better in Math 3201


Obtain a grade of 50% or better in Math 3200


Not offered at Grenfell Campus


Not offered at Grenfell Campus

Not offered at Grenfell Campus


Not offered at grenfell Campus


Obtain a grade of 50% or better in Math 3201


Obtain a grade of 50% or better in Math 3200



All students entering Memorial University who have completed or are completing Calculus 3208 can write the Calculus Placement Test (CPT).

Candidates who pass the CPT will be awarded credit for MATH 1000 and have direct access to MATH 1001. This will be invaluable to students hoping to major in Engineering as it will decrease their requirements in first year from 11 courses to 10. If a CPT candidate does not pass the test, they will be subject to the conditions for entry to Math 1000 as outlined in the previous section.

The CPT registration form will be available online during the month of April. Because we need time to forward test materials to invigilators, students must have registered by the deadline to be assured a seat at the site of their choice.

For more information, and to register go to, then select “Calculus Placement Test” from the main menu. A link to a registration form will appear on April 1st.

No calculators are permitted for the CPT. Moreover; calculators are not permitted in tests and exams for MUN math courses 1090, 1000, 1001 and 2000. The CPT is scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on the first Saturday in June. If you have any questions, please contact Tara Stuckless at (709) 864-8914 or





Concurrent Studies at Memorial offers eligible students an opportunity to earn university credits while they are still in their last year of high school.

Students with a superior academic record (ie: normally an overall average of 85 per cent or above) may apply to enrol in university courses.

Applicants must be completing a slate of courses that meets the course requirements for admission to the university.

Students can take a university course in either the fall or winter semester.

To enrol in a Concurrent Studies course, a student will need to:

Apply to Memorial by completing the Application for Admission/Readmission form. The application must include a high school transcript.

Students must submit a letter from his or her high school principal or guidance counsellor clearly recommending admission for Concurrent Studies. The student should also include a letter requesting enrolment in a specific course.

Enrolment for concurrent studies students will normally be limited to three credit hours in a given semester.

Current university fees and deadlines apply. University credit will be awarded after successful completion of the course(s) and successful completion of the requirements for admission to the university.



Memorial’s Scholarships and Awards Office will send information by the end of January 2017 to schools throughout Newfoundland and Labrador reminding them of the early offer process for Entrance Scholarships and to request recommendation of eligible students for the Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Entrance Scholarship and the Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship for 2017/18.

The main points to remember:

General Entrance Scholarships will be valued at $2,550.00 (the equivalent of full time study for two semesters’ tuition) and $1,275.00 (the equivalent of full time study for one semester’s tuition).

Students who are given an early scholarship offer must maintain a minimum final admission average of at least 90 per cent (or 33 points for IB students).

Students must have applied for admission to Memorial University by the Admissions deadline, request to be considered for an early scholarship offer, and submit their February mid-term grade report to the Admissions Office.

A special application is required for students interested in the Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Entrance Scholarship and the Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship. The deadline for applications to be received at the Scholarships and Awards office is March 1st, 2017.

For more information about scholarships, please visit


The Joyce Foundation Bursary is available annually to students entering Memorial University who are either currently attending their final year or have graduated within the last twelve months from a high school in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Each award is valued at $5,000 annually and is renewable for up to three additional years.

Criteria for the awards include a minimum of 70% final admission average (St. John’s/Grenfell campuses) or a minimum of 60% final admission average (Marine Institute), demonstration of critical financial need, and perseverance in the face of challenges. Renewal criteria to be met each year.

Completed application must be post-marked by Nov. 30, 2017.

As part of The Joyce Foundation Bursary, recipients will receive access to:

  • the Early Start Program,
  • on-campus employment opportunities, and
  • an offer to attend LEAP (Leadership, Education and Preparation) at Memorial University.

Additional information can be found at The Joyce Foundation Bursary




Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Memorial’s undergraduate Pharmacy program has changed from a Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) to an entry-to-practice Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) as the first professional degree for pharmacy students.

The PharmD is comprised of five years in the Pharmacy program in addition to 10 prerequisite courses (30 credit hours) prior to admission.

A graduate of the program is eligible to apply to be licensed as a pharmacist in Newfoundland and Labrador and other provinces in Canada after successful completion of provincial and national examinations.

Admission requirements

Students are admitted to the first year of the Pharmacy program in the Fall semester of each year. Applications must be received by February 1 of any year.

To be considered for admission, an applicant must have completed 10 prerequisite courses (30 credit hours) by the end of the Winter semester for the year in which admission is being sought.

  • Biology 1001 and 1002
  • Chemistry 1050 and 1051 at St. John’s Campus or Chemistry 1200 and 1001 at Grenfell Campus
  • 6 credit hours in English
  • Mathematics 1000 and 1001
  • Physics 1020 and 1021, or Physics 1050 and 1051

The School of Pharmacy admits 40 students each September. The admissions process will likely include a review of academic grades and interviews. Priority for a number of seats is given to students who are bona fide residents of Newfoundland and Labrador. One seat per year is available for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador First Nations or Aboriginal ancestry who have met the required criteria for this seat.

Contact information

For additional information please contact:



Summer Bridging Program - August 14 – 25, 2017

Memorial University's Summer Bridge Program will be offered at Grenfell Campus in Corner Brook in August 2017. Any Newfoundland and Labrador student who misses the MUN admission requirements by five per cent or less - that is, a high school graduating average between 65 and 69.9 per cent in courses required for admission - is eligible to apply. Students who successfully complete the program will be admitted to Memorial University in September at the campus of their choice.

The Summer Bridge Program will provide students with instruction in academic skills that will increase their chances for success in university-level courses, including:

  • instruction and practice in the critical reading skills needed for reading university level textbooks,
  • instruction and practice in the writing skills needed to produce well-formulated essays and research papers,
  • instruction in methods of studying university-level mathematics,
  • instruction and practice in basic academic skills such as note-taking, time management and preparation for examinations,
  • introduction to the nature of the university, what the university expects of students, and the programs and resources available at the university.

The total cost for the Summer Bridge Program is $500. Residence accommodations are available.

Visit our website for more information:

Application Deadline – Noon, August 7, 2017






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