MUN Geographers are all over the map for Research Week 2022

To celebrate Memorial Research Week 2022, Memorial Geography students, faculty and staff and map librarians will showcase their research and services on the Giant Floor Map of Newfoundland and Labrador.

When: November 21 | 11am - 2pm

Where: Fiesta Deck (3rd floor) of the QEII Library 

The university community are invited to walk all over our province and adjacent seas to learn about the diverse geographical research being conducted here in our own backyard — from northern housing to plastic pollution monitoring, from climate change impacts on our seabed, forests and coasts to church-flipping, to mention just a few. Geographers literally #ThinkOutside in diverse field locations and communities around our province (and the globe). 

Event Backgrounder:

In the Memorial University Department of Geography, we think of our research in terms of making “connections”: with each other, with other departments, with other institutions, and with a wide range of research partners and collaborators in communities and government. This year’s Research Report highlights many of these connections, while also showcasing the diverse array of topics and techniques we employ.

Canadian Geographic Education’s vibrant and colourful Giant Floor Maps are unlike any other educational resource in the country. These maps offer students an opportunity to discover and explore the diverse aspects of geography in a unique and interactive way that accommodates various learning styles and is easy to integrate at all grade levels.