Digital Learning Centre

Our Digital Learning Centre (DLC) is located in SN-4030 and is equipped with 40 Intel-based computers loaded with specialized software and audio-visual resources useful for learning/mastering languages, as well as applications for other HSS disciplines. The newly refurbished DLC offers our students:

  • A quiet, technology-rich learning space for students in all HSS disciplines to complete assignments, group projects and individual study. 
  • Free conversation classes for students enrolled in introductory French, German, Russian and Spanish courses.
  • If you want or need formal certification of your French skills, you can take the DELF test in the DLC.

Software available includes:

  • SPSS; STATA; GPower and R for statistical analysis
  • Orange – qualitative data analysis
  • PRAAT; PHON; CLAN; Zotero (Linguistics)
  • Octave; PsychoPy; Jamovi; IrfanView (Psychology)
  • Ngswin (Chemistry)
  • Audacity – make/edit audio
  • Kden Live – video editor

Student staff are on hand during all opening hours and can assist you with any questions you have. All you need to log in is a LabNet account.

Visit the Digital Learning Centre website for more information.