Student Societies

Mixers, cool clothes, sports, games nights, fundraising events, lunches and dinners, movie nights, pub crawls ... and even some educational activities!! Join the student society in your department today.

MUN Archaeology Society

The MUN Archaeology Society (MUNArch) is a small, but very active group on campus. MUNArch's mission is to provide students with oppourtunities to volunteer and get involved with Memorial's Archaeology Department. MUNArch also organizes various social and educational events, and it represents archaeology students within the department. This society is not only for archaeology students and we welcome anyone who is interested in archaeology to join.

MUN Classics Society

The MUN Classics Society represents students studying and interested in Classics. The society holds many events throughout the semester and it continues to seek new members to participate. Our events and meetings are open to anyone who is interested! The MUN Classics Society's room is located in AA-2072. Meetings are held at various points throughout the semester, so please feel free to stop by and get involved.

Economics Society

The Economics Society is a group in the Department of Economics for any student in the department to participate in. We are relatively small but are always open to new members or new ideas for the organization!

Le Cercle Français

C'est quoi Le Cercle français? C'est une société d'étudiants francophiles et francophones à Memorial University of Newfoundland qui a, pour but, de promouvoir la langue française et toutes ses diverses cultures autour du monde parmi nos étudiants! Et, le plus important, c'est de s'amuser en le faisant!

What is Le Cercle français? It's a society of francophile and francophone students at Memorial University of Newfoundland whose goal is to to promote the French langauge and and all the diverse French-speaking cultures around the world! And, the most important part: to have fun while doing it!

MUN History Society

The MUN History Society is an active group on campus. Mainly run by undergrads, educational and social activities are planned each semester in order for undergrad students, grad students, professors and history lovers alike to get to know one another. Everyone is welcome to the meetings and functions we hold!

MUN Japanese Culture Club

MUN Japanese Culture Club advocates cultural diversity in an educational environment through cultural events. The MUN Japanese Culture Club is a non-profit organisation serving anyone who has an interest in Japanese culture in the community. This society promotes cultural awareness and intercultural relationships through social events and communal activities.

MUN Philosophy Society

The MUN Philosophy Society is open to any student with an interest in philosophy. Our engaged and enthusiastic participants are always happy to cultivate an atmosphere of thinking, learning and questioning. Anyone is welcome to our weekly executive meetings and there is always someone in the Keifte room(A-3068)!

Memorial Political Science Student Society

The Memorial Political Science Student Society aims to provide a forum through which political science students can get together, meet new friends, help one another with their work, and have fun while doing so! Anyone can come to our weekly meetings, including those who aren't political science majors or minors!

MUN Religious Studies Society

The Religious Studies Society is a newly revived academic society. We are open to students of Religious Studies, enthusiasts or anyone with interest in the field. The society is an opportunity to get together, meet new friends, help one another with their work, and have fun while doing so! Anyone can come to our meetings, including those who aren't Religious Studies majors or minors!

MUN Sociology Society

The MUN Sociology Society is a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students. We plan both academic and non-academic events throughout each semester and always welcome new members!