Support the Faculty


Each year friends and graduates of Memorial help fund teaching and learning initiatives, research, career development and experiential learning, scholarships, bursaries and awards.

They support individual departments and programs or the faculty as a whole, directing their gifts to the area of greatest need. Every gift – large or small – will help create an opportunity for a student and allow the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to maintain its commitment to excellence.

Support students through financial aid

We are constantly striving to increase the number and value of scholarships, bursaries, awards and fellowships available to our students. They reward excellence, relieve financial pressures and can make all the difference for a brighter future.

Our donors choose to lend their support in a variety of ways. Some will contribute to one of our many and varied existing scholarships. Others will set up a fund in memory of a family member. Still others will get together with families or larger groups to establish an endowment.

If you are considering any of these options, we can help you on your way with information and advice. $10,000 is enough to establish an endowment – a fund that will continue paying out to support students in perpetuity.

Support students through internships, Co-ops

Employers can help improve students' career prospects, enrich their learing experience and deepen their understanding of their fields, by providing HSS students with internship opportunities and co-ops.

Contact to have your inquiries directed to the right person in our faculty, or visit to learn more about giving to Memorial.