BA Language Study Requirement


The Language Study (LS) Requirement is designed to ensure that students develop university-level foundational knowledge of the structure of a language other than English, and to foster awareness of the inherent link between language and cultural literacy, as described in the LS course guidelines. To fulfill the Language Study Requirement, a student must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours in the study of a single language, other than English, chosen from one of: French, German, Greek (Classics), Hebrew (Religious Studies), Innu-aimun (Linguistics), Inuktitut (Linguistics), Italian, Japanese (Linguistics), Latin (Classics), Mandarin Chinese (Religious Studies), Russian, Sanskrit (Religious Studies), Spanish, or another language that may be offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Not all courses in language departments qualify and a student should refer to the department’s or course’s Calendar entry. The guidelines for LS courses are maintained by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

A student with competency in one of these languages should check with the respective department to select appropriate university-level courses. A student whose first language is not English and who does not meet the standards for entry into regular first-year English courses may use English 1020 and 1021 to fulfill this requirement. University-level credit hours earned in the study of a language other than English at other institutions may be eligible for transfer to fulfill this requirement.

For the comprehensive and current list of courses, search for LS courses in Self-Service by:

  1. Logging into Self-Service
  2. Select “Registration”
  3. Select “ Look-Up Course Offerings”
  4. Select the semester for which you are inquiring about course availability
  5. Select "Advanced Search"
  6. Go to “Attribute Type” and Select “Language Study”

Please note that the two courses used to meet the LS requirement must be in the SAME second language.