Research Catalyst Awards

The Faculty of HSS Research Catalyst Award (RCA) is designed to help support research intensification within HSS by offering a stable means for researchers to begin or enhance a robust research profile, placing them in a better position to compete for more complex research funding to support research activities within their fields. The HSS Research Catalyst Award (RCA) speaks directly to the importance of HSS research activities in realizing the Mission, Vision, and Values of our HSS Strategic Plan 2022-2027. In an effort to “support and pursue dynamic research” and “hone our research infrastructure to support diverse world-class research and creative endeavours” (Goal 4), the RCA is designed to allow faculty to kick-start a research project by providing time and resources to get it off the ground, build collaborations, and also to apply for further funding.

RCA Holders are expected to outline a research program that expands beyond the 3-year RCA term; during the RCA tenure, the Award-Holder will work to establish their research program and may span research in their own discipline, interdisciplinarity, relationship building, community collaboration, and/or research creation. HSS will offer a single 3-year RCA annually to early career and established researcher ASMs in HSS, alternating between awarding an Early Career Researcher (ECR) and an Established Researcher (ER). The RCAs will provide Award-Holders with dedicated and guaranteed per course releases, graduate research assistants, and cash funds to ease teaching workload to facilitate research-building and research activities. Following year-3 of the RCA program, there will normally be 3 RCAs active within HSS annually.

Application Process

Deadline: March 1, 2023 | 4:30pm
Award Notification: TBD
To apply: The Candidate must email the required documents in pdf to the Dean’s Office:, along with a signed application form.

Researcher Category for 2023: Early Career Researchers Only

Researcher Category for 2024: Established Researchers Only

Download the HSS Research Catalyst Awards - Application Form.

Download the HSS Research Catalyst Awards - 2022-2023 - Application Process.

Summary of Terms and Conditions & Responsibilities

  • held for a maximum of three academic years;
  • will alternate annually between appointing an Early Career Researcher (ECR) and an Established Researcher (ER);
  • each award comes with two course releases per year for the RCA Award-Holder;
  • an annual $2,500 cash research grant;
  • the equivalent of one Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) position allocated per year;
  • encouraged to include collaborations with communities or organizations outside of Memorial;
  • deliver a minimum of one public academic lecture or host a public scholarly event per year;
  • ECR holders are expected to apply for at least one major, external grant (e.g. Tri-Agency or equivalent) over the course of the RCA term;
  • ER holders are expected to apply for at least two grants: 1 major, external grant (e.g. Tri-Agency or equivalent) and 1 other of their choice over the course of the RCA term;
  • a one-page annual report to the HSS Dean’s Office outlining activities and/or achievements undertaken over that past year;
  • all publications resulting from research activities conducted during the RCA term or as a result of those activities post-award to be communicated to the HSS Dean's Office.


  • Candidates must be tenured/tenure track ASMs within HSS (including joint-appointments outside HSS);
  • Priority given to those without existing course releases for service or other reasons;
  • ECRs are normally within 6 years of commencing their first tenure-track academic appointment;
  • ERs normally will be beyond 6 years of commencing their tenure-track appointment;
  • Current holders of University Research Professorships, Canada Research Chairs, and other agency-funded Chairs and endowed chairsare ineligble. 

View the HSS Research Catalyst Awards - 2022-2023 - Terms and Conditions.