Research Initiatives

Research Catalyst Awards - Pilot

The Faculty of HSS Research Catalyst Award (RCA) is designed to help support research intensification within HSS by offering a stable means for researchers to begin or enhance a robust research profile, placing them in a better position to compete for more complex research funding to support research activities within their fields. The RCA is designed to allow faculty to kick-start a research project by providing time and resources to get it off the ground, build collaborations, and also to apply for further funding.

RCA Holders are expected to outline a research program that expands beyond the 3-year RCA term; during the RCA tenure, the Award-Holder will work to establish their research program and may span research in their own discipline, interdisciplinarity, relationship building, community collaboration, and/or research creation. HSS will offer a single 3-year RCA annually to early career and established researcher ASMs in HSS, alternating between awarding an Early Career Researcher (ECR) and an Established Researcher (ER). The RCAs will provide Award-Holders with dedicated and guaranteed per course releases, graduate research assistants, and cash funds to ease teaching workload to facilitate research-building and research activities. Following year-3 of the RCA program, there will normally be 3 RCAs active within HSS annually.

2023 Competition

Deadline: January 30, 2023, 4:30pm

For more information, see the RCA Webpage at