Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts degree? 

There are so many things you can do with Bachelor of Arts degree. A B.A does not lead to just one job title at the end of it as some profession programs do; instead, it has many job titles that are possible. Initially you may feel that this is an obstacle but in actuality, it can be an advantage. It means you can adapt to today’s rapidly changing job market. The job titles available when you enter and when you complete your degree program are often different these days and the skills you acquire throughout your program prepare you for many career opportunities. 

What job titles will I be qualified for?

A Bachelor of Arts degree qualifies you for more jobs than you realize. To get you started on titles that your particular degree program might lead to, take a look at the career possibilities associated with majors and minors, browse our BA Professional videos, or check out the Explore your Career web page.

Where can I find summer employment opportunities?
There are lots of options for student employment in the summer.Check out the Career Events and Programs web page. Summer is a great opportunity to build work experience and find internships in your field as well. 

Where can I look for work off campus?

You can start in your My MUNlife in the CAREER section with the Job Postings where off-campus employment opportunities are listed for both current students and recent graduates. Public job search sites such as are also useful but this is just the beginning. You should also be investing time in researching organizations that connect to your areas of interest and finding ways to connect with them. 

How can I connect with potential employers? 

You can connect with employers at employer information sessions, career fairs, networking events and through other community events. Take a look at the Calendar of Events in your My MUNLife CAREER area for career related events on campus. You can also approach organizations and people in your field and ask them for advice. 

How useful are career fairs?

Career fairs can be very useful, but you need to be strategic. If you show up on the day of and you have done nothing to prepare, they will most likely be overwhelming and unproductive; so if you intend to go, have a look at the list of employers who will be there, decide who you want to speak to and get prepared. When you go to the fair, find those employers and speak to them. CDEL offers workshops on how to prepare for career fairs. Our annual career fair in September at Field House has approximately 100 employers registered and some graduate schools as well and although some of them are focused on engineering and business students, every year there are approximately 20 or more employers who are focused on arts students. 

I am applying for lots of jobs but I am not getting called for interviews. I don’t understand. What am I doing wrong?

You may not be doing anything wrong; there may simply be other applicants who have more relevant skills and background. There are however things you can do to make sure you are presenting yourself in the strongest ways possible in the application process. Making sure your cover letter and resume are targeted to each job opportunity is a first step. 

How can I improve my resume?

If you would like to have your resume critiqued by our staff, you can forward your resume along with you MUN student number to and if you would like further advice, you can always book an appointment for a humanities and social sciences resume consult through your My MUNLife. 

Is a cover letter necessary?

You should always include a cover letter and tailor it for that specific opportunity. Some employers focus solely on cover letters to narrow down the candidates. If you have no cover letter or it is not focused on this opportunity, you may be ruled out quickly. 

I have had several interviews but I still haven’t gotten a position. I don’t understand. What am I doing wrong?

You may not be doing anything wrong; there may simply be someone else who is more suited for that particular job. It is also possible that you may not have invested enough time in adequately preparing for the interview stage. There are many things we can do to prepare for interviews, take a look at these interview tips, and you can always schedule a mock interview with a career advisor through Navigate for Students, a free mobile app that connects undergraduate students to the online and in-person resources they need to get things done at university. Download Navigate for Students now.