Academic advice

Renée Shute | Manager of Academic Programs

Undergraduate students with questions about a degree programs, declaring a major/minor, readmission, course load waivers, cancellation of registration, course selection, certificates, diplomas, general academic advice in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences should contact Renée Shute:

Renée Mercer | Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Undergraduate students with questions about a possible degree programs, declaring a major/minor, scholarships, Dean’s List, HSS welcome event, course selection, certificates, diplomas, general academic advice in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences should contact Renée Mercer:

First year students are encouraged to contact the Academic Advising Centre with questions. Note: During registration periods, there may be long waits for meetings and responses to email requests. Humanities and Social Sciences Students seeking academic advice are encouraged to book an appointment via Navigate 1 month before their scheduled registration time.


Careful academic planning is an important part of the degree process.

What can the academic advisor help me with?

  • Course selection
  • Program and plan requirements
  • Academic difficulties
  • Course load waivers

What does the academic advisor do?

  • Assist you in planning a program consistent with your abilities and interests
  • Explain academic requirements and policies
  • Be knowledgeable about your academic record
  • Help you define and develop realistic educational goals
  • Connect you with Memorial's student services

What's my role in the academic advising process?

  • Communicate regularly with an advisor, especially before registration each term
  • Have an understanding of university policies and procedures, and your degree and major requirements outlined in the undergraduate calendar
  • Accept responsibility for your educational progress
  • Be open and honest with your advisor
  • Follow through, based on your advisor's advice
  • Request a program audit from the Office of the Registrar at the completion of 60 credit hours of course work and again at the completion of 90 credit hours of course work

How do I make an appointment to see the academic advisor?

Scheduling an appointment through the Navigate-student app is preferred, but you are welcome to drop by during regular office hours. Your questions can be answered right away if the advisor is available. Contact Renée Shute by email at or call 864-7454 or drop by the Arts and Administration Building A-4077.

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