Electives in Humanities and Social Sciences

Our faculty offers hundreds of electives courses that anyone can take. By "electives," we mean courses that have no prerequisites (or just 1).

These courses are available to all Memorial students looking for an interesting elective.

They're also available for non-student members of the general public, as well as Memorial employees.  Whether you're looking for some professional development tailored to your current job, want to learn a language before your next vacation, or simply wish to learn more about a subject that's always been of interest, you are welcome to register as a non-student and take one of these electives.  

How Do I Register for a Course?
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  • Use the searchable database below to sort courses by department (example, "Sociology" or "History"), or use the search bar to sort electives by keywords in course titles, like "film" or "Indigenous."

Upcoming Elective Offerings

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Course Title Slot Room Professor

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Electives by Department

To see a complete list of electives offered by each of our departments, and the course descriptions, click a link below: