Humanities and Social Sciences Degree Programs

Our faculty has a lot to offer undergraduate and graduate students alike, as well as the general public looking to brush up on professional development with a diploma or certificate program, or just learn more about a topic of interest.

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Undergraduate programs

Our faculty's 15 departments collectively offer our undergraduates a multitude of options. Read more about our:

It's a lot of wrap your head around, so we've created a number of student resources to help guide you through your academic career.

Check out our Undergrad Degree Programs page for more info

Graduate programs

Our faculty has a lot to offer graduate students, including 17 thesis-based Master's programs, 14 course-based Master's programs, 3 internship-based Master's programs, 2 project/paper-based Master's programs and 11 PhD programs.

For more information, see our:

Diploma and Certificate Programs

The Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences offers 14 certificate and diploma programs to its students, and the general public. Diplomas and certificates are a great way to complement degrees and build on existing skills and knowledge.

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Co-operative Education

Memorial University's co-operative education and work-integrated learning programs are among the largest in Atlantic Canada. These successful programs offer students a combination of classroom study and work term placements in local, national and international businesses and organizations.

Students in our faculty can can participate in co-op and WIL programs in Archeology (BA), Economics (BA), Folklore (MA), Political Science (BA, MA) and Psychology (BA). For more information, visit our page on co-operative education programs in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.