Finding Funding

Find funding opportunities, submission procedures, and internal and external deadlines for most internal and external competitions in HSS's Research Funding Tracker (RFT). If an opportunity is not found in the RFT, please inquire with a Grants Facilitator.

Types of Funding Opportunities


The most common and accessible form of funding for HSS researchers are grant opportunities which are funded by a number of agencies, associations, or organizations, as well as internally by Memorial University. Funding opportunities can be ad hoc or a single competition, or annual or multiple times per year, depending on the agency and funding program. For large agencies, such as SSHRC, the funding deadlines occur on a regular annual basis; planning to apply often occurs a year in advance.

In all cases, external grants are governed by agreements. In some cases following awarding of an external grant, an agreement must be struck between Memorial and a sponsor to outline financial administration terms, eligible expenses, and other matters. In others, such as Tri-Agency, there are master agreements which govern awarded grant administration, and no subsequent agreement is required.

Contracts & Agreements

HSS researchers often work with partners in private industry, non-profit, or the public sector on projects which are tailored specifically to their expertise and the needs of the sponsor. In such cases funding is often obtained and governed by research contracts and agreements which define the amount and scope of the work involved, expenses, and timelines.

Awards & Honours

Another opportunity for research funding can be professional awards or honours, which often come with funding envelopes. Such awards can be internal or external, and often have fewer restrictions, meaning awards do not only enhance a scholar's profile, they can act as matching or bridge funding for research. For more see Awards & Honours. As with all research funding, these funds are governed by Memorial's research policies and regulations, as well as those of the sponsor. They may require an agreement prior to account opening.


Reseachers interested in spending time at another institution to further their research or develop their scholarly profile, or in specific cases, join Memorial itself as fellows, can apply for fellowships funded by existing research projects, or from external agencies and organizations. Some take up residence at Memorial, while others provide means for Memorial researchers to visit and take residence elsewhere. Such funding usually focuses on maintenance and / or salary costs, but they can also include small research expense costs for travel and archival or other kinds of field work.