Program Offerings

Below is a list of majors and minors that students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences can pursue.

Don't worry if you feel overwhelmed. Have a look, see what inspires and excites you. And remember, if you're uncertain, you don't have to make the decision about your major field of study right away.

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Joint Degrees


Undergraduates in Memorial University's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences can elect to major in any of these disciplines:

*interdisciplinary program

Students can declare a major at any time in their studies. Some choose to declare a major when they register in first year (and are free to change their minds); others wait until they have completed a few years of study.

Students can also declare a second major if they plan to complete the required courses in two subject areas.

Other BA Majors

These additional major programs are not housed in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences but you can choose to do a BA in these subjects. Contact the departments directly for further information on admission requirements.

Minors for HSS Majors

If a student is doing one major, they must declare a "minor" area of study as well, in which they will complete at least eight courses (24 credit hours).

**Minors can be chosen from the list of disciplines above, in the majors section.**

Additionally, the following minors can also be chosen from approved programs in other faculties: