Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Students and researchers in our faculty explore the evolution of human knowledge and societies, how we got to where we are – and where we might be going.

Pursuing a degree in the Humanities & Social Sciences equips students to understand the complex and pressing issues facing our society now and in the past; locally, national and internationally.

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Dr. Carissa Brown (Geography) won the 2022 President’s Award for Outstanding Research. Check out the unexpected things her lab is discovering about climate change impacts in the inaugral episode of Why Study That?


Congratulations to all students named to the 2021-2022 Dean's List, as well as the Program Book Prize winners, and receipients of the Dean's Award for Academic Excellence, and the HSS International Student Excellence Award

Jane Walsh is a psychotherapist who currently runs her own business. In the latest episode of BA Professional, she shares insight on her career trajectory since graduating from Memorial with a major in Sociology and a minor in Gender Studies. She also provides tips on finding a dream job, insight into her field of work, and more. Watch the episode now