High School concurrent studies student

High school students can register for one of our elective courses, so long as they:

  • Are in, or about to enter their final year of high school
  • Have a minimum average of 85% in English, math and laboratory science
  • Wish to enroll in a fall and/or winter semester

How to apply as a high school concurrent studies student:

In order to apply to Memorial, you will need to set up an Admissions Portal account.

To do so, visit https://apply.mun.ca, and click the "create account" link shown here:

For the field "Entry Term," use the dropdown arrow to display your options, then choose which semester you'd like take a course.



For "Academic Level," choose "Undergraduate."

You will note that once you choose 'Undergraduate," a new field appears: "Area of Interest." You must choose Unsure (Undergraduate) as your Area of Interest

You will notice that, when you choose "Unsure (Undergraduate)," a new field appears, titled "Academic Program." Choose the option that best suits your intentions, or choose non-degree student (undergraduate) or unable to declare major (unsure major)

Once you have created your password, click the "Click Account" button to finalize creating your account:


Check your email.

Within 5 minutes of creating your account, you should receive an email from Memorial University.

In the email, locate the link that says "Click Here to activate your account."

Click the link to activate your account

In order to register for a course at memorial, you need to apply and be accepted to Memorial University.

Now that you have an account with Memorial University, you can apply as concurrent student for an upcoming semester here: https://apply.mun.ca

Sign in with the email and password you created in step 2:


Once you sign in, you will see a section titled "My Applications."

Click the red "Create New Application" button:

For your "Application Listing," choose "Start Undergraduate Application - Canadian/New Returning."

As you start filling in fields, you will notice new questions appear.

Entry Term: Choose the term in which you'd like to take a course

Campus: Choose your campus

Area of interest: Choose Humanities and Social Sciences (undergraduate)

Academic program: Unless you knowwhat degree you're interested in, choose "Bachelor of Arts - Unable to declare a major (unsure major)."

Click the red submit button.

Click the red submit button.

Once your application to Memorial has been accepted (Step 3), you will be eligible to register for a course, via Memorial's Self-service website

However, you will need a MUN log in ID or @mun.ca email address in order to log into the Memorial Self-Service website.

If don't have one yet, you can create a MUN log-in ID here*

*Note: You will need your 7- or 9-digit Memorial Number to create a self-service account. You should have received your Memorial Number in the email you received after you applied to Memorial as a concurrent student. 

For help contact:

Tracey Wall, assistant registrar

To register for a course, go to: https://selfservice.mun.ca/admit

Log in using your MUN log in ID and password (Step 4).

From the menu options, choose "Student Main Menu," as shown here:

You will see a list of options here, including "Registration."

Click on registration:

Course offerings will appear one month before registration opens

Course offerings for a coming semester generally appear one month before registration opens.

To see course offerings before you're able to register, see upcoming course offerings on the Registrar's Office page, or use the HSS upcoming undergrad courses database.

Check your registration time

From the registration menu, you will see a link to "View Registration Times." Click on it to see when you are eligible to register for a course.

You cannot register for a course until your assigned registration date has occurred. You can register for a course any time after the date shown here. Note that current undergraduate students who have declared a major will get registration priority, meaning they can register for courses before non-degree or non-current students. 


Register for a course

To register for a course, once course offerings for a coming semester are listed, and once your registration time has arrived, click "Look up Course Offerings."

Select the term you want to get your course under the "Search by Term" drop down menu, and then click the Submit button.

Select the broad academic subject/department in which you want to take a course (Ex: Spanish or Sociology).

    Locate a course of interest and click "View Selections."

    You will see all available slots you can take this course in this semester:

    1. Click the Register, or Add to Worksheet buttons.
    2. Click Submit Changes.


    For assistance applying and registering as a concurrent student:

    Academic Advising

    Linda Walsh, academic advisor


    Jennifer Williams
    Assistant Registrar