Get involved in your faculty & university

There are a number of ways for HSS students to get involved in the governance of their university, especially at the level of the Faculty Council for Humanities & Social Sciences:

Get involved in your faculty council

The Faculty Council of the Humanities and Social Sciences deliberates on all academic governance issues in our faculty.

Its meetings are open to all HSS undergraduates who have declared a major, and all HSS graduate students. 

Students can attend the meetings as non-voting members, to listen and weigh in on meeting discussions, and there are seats on faculty council and its committees that are reserved for HSS students. 

The purpose of the council meetings are to approve, for recommendation to the Senate, any changes to regulations, courses and programs of study in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and to discuss and make recommendations on any other academic matter affecting the Faculty. Read the Constitution.

At the December 2022 meeting, motions were passed for new courses like: ENGL 3906 Introduction to Creative Writing: Oral Storytelling, as well as, PHIL 2080 Feminist Philosophy, while new pre-requisites were approved for Archaeology 3595.

Additionally, the Dean provided an update on initiatives being taken with respect to next year’s teaching plans, including workload equity across the Faculty, and the intention to address and advocate for a new budgetary model which would benefit the Faculty.

To get an idea of what is discussed and actioned at these meetings, visit our Faculty Council web page and brose the meeting minutes.

Barring unusual circumstances, faculty council meetings happen the 1st Wednesday of every month. Meetings occur September through June.  

Every department in HSS can nominate 1 undergraduate and 1 graduate student in their department.

The Department Head nominates these 2 students after collegial consultation in the department.

If you’re interested in becoming a voting member, approach your Department Head to inquire about current or upcoming opportunities to become the student representative for your department

Yes. Any HSS undergraduate student who has declared a major, or any graduate student in an HSS program, can attend faculty meetings as a Non-voting member.

It is a great way to hear what’s happening in your faculty, and have your opinions and contributions heard.

Yes. There are three standing committees students may join, see below for details. Membership on a committee is normally for a full academic year (September 1 to August 31). Members are identified by the first Wednesday in the Fall semester.

Committee membership can have the following (Note: the Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee does not have a grad student representative):

  • 1 graduate student from the Faculty, as recommended by the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU)
  • 1 undergraduate student from the Faculty, as recommended by the Memorial University Undergraduate Students Union (MUNSU) 

Planning and Research Committee: Makes recommendations to Council on questions of academic planning, pedagogy, communications, research, awards, and/or scholarships. Read more about this committee in the constitution.

Curriculum and Programs Committee: Reviews, for recommendation to Council, all proposed Calendar changes in undergraduate and graduate course offerings and programs, the addition of new courses and programs, and related new or amended Faculty regulations. Read more about this committee in the constitution.

Undergraduate Waivers and Appeals Committee: Charged with adjudicating requests for waivers of undergraduate academic program regulations, course substitutions, and other student-related cases involving undergraduate academic programs, brought forward by the Assistant Registrar. Read more about this committee in the constitution.

Get involved with a student union

Whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student in HSS, these two unions offer a number of ways to be actively involved in your university, and student affairs. Browse each of their websites to learn more about them and the opportunities they offer. 

MUNSU, for example, has a number of HSS faculty rep positions. Faculty reps are given a stipend every two weeks for attending and contributing to board meetings, and for interfacing with their faculty’s students. 

Join Memorial's Senate

The Senate of Memorial University is in charge of its academic matters.

The Senate is composed of a number of elected and appointed members representing the administration, faculty, and students. It meets monthly during the academic year.

Student appointments run from May 1 to April 30 the following year. 

The Senate has:

For a student in the Faculty of HSS here on St. John's campus, MUNSU would appoint an undergraduate rep, and GSU a grad rep. Contact them to learn more about student seats on senate. 

To read more about Senate: Visit the Senate website

Join the Board of Regents

Memorial's Board of Regents oversees "the management, administration, and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of Memorial University."

There are 30 seats on the Board; 4 of which are reserved for current students. Each of the following student unions can appoint one member:

Click the links above, and contact these students unions to learn how to become a student representative on Memorial's Board of Regents. For a student in the Faculty of HSS here on St. John's campus, MUNSU would appoint an undergraduate rep, and GSU a grad rep.

To read more about the Board of Regents:
See the Board of Regents Website