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Submitting your Proposal

Getting Ready to Submit a Grant Application* for Approvals
  1. Check the Research Funding Tracker for submission procedure details and internal and external deadlines. Be aware that you must press "Submit" in the RP by the "Internal (HSS)" dates and times.
  2. If relevant, secure documentation for all cash and/or in-kind contributions that the Department/Faculty/other University units/external parties are committing. You MUST have written documentation for each commitment in the form of a letter, e-mail, etc. (see the document “ Cash & In-Kind Commitments”). 
  3. If relevant, secure all other support documentation such as letters of engagement, letters of support, consent letters (for example, from community groups or Indigenous governing bodies), permits, certifications, etc.
  4. Complete the relevant grant or other application. In finalizing the budget, questions about Memorial policies (eg. rates of pay, travel, etc.), may be directed to your department's administrative staff or consult the budget help documents, below.

* for contracts, agreements, or postdoctoral fellowships, please contact a Grants Facilitator.

Submitting Online
  1. Login to your Researcher Portal account, begin a new RP file, and:
    1. In the "Project Team Info" tab, "Search Profiles" and add the following people as team members:
      1. RIS Workflow Coordinator
      2. Heather C. O'Brien (Grants Facilitator)
      3. Matthew Milner (Grants Facilitator)
      4. and if deemed necessary by your department, your departmental administrative staff;
    2. complete all other tabs;
    3. upload all documentation pertaining to the application to the "Attachments" tab including: a copy of the application/proposal; the budget and budjet justification; if applicable, all supporting documents for cash and in-kind commitments, letters of support, certifications and permits; etc.
  2. When you have completed all tabs, press "Submit" by the HSS deadline. The file will be routed to the appropriate units for approval - first your Department Head, then HSS Dean's Office, and finally Research Initiatives & Services (formerly Research Grants and Contract Services / RGCS) (some exceptions apply). Also note that in the case of Acting Heads, alternative procedures apply - contact a  Grants Facilitator in this case. 

Please note: All Memorial co-applicants/co-investigators listed as team members on grants led by another institution must also submit Researcher Portal files. If you have questions about this process, please refer to the training manuals or submit a help ticket.