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Awards & Honours

Recognition of scholarly achievements affirms the long hours and years of work that are essential to rigorous and indepth academic research. Applying for, or nominating researchers to, award competitions and the receipt of honours is a key part of celebrating what our researchers do on a daily basis. Such recognitions, moreover, can help solidify scholarly profiles by acting as peer-reviewed assessments of scholarly work that can impact other research funding by demonstrating a scholar's capabilities and successes. They demonstrate the experience needed to manage and complete new research projects they may apply for from a sponsor.

Major awards are listed in the HSS Research Funding Tracker. A detailed list of HSS discipline-specific awards and honours is available Award List for HSS Researchers (2018).

Memorial's Research Initiatives & Services (formerly Research Grants and Contract Services / RGCS & Strategic Insitutional Research Initiatives (SIRI)) also maintains an Awards and Honours database at https://www.mun.ca/honours/deadlines/. Researchers requring further information on these awards should contact Ellen Steinhauer at 709-864-2651 or ellens@mun.ca.