The Peter Cashin Prize

The Peter Cashin Prize is awarded annually to the best piece of scholarly work on the history and/or political economy of Newfoundland published in the preceding calendar year.

The work must be original, and can take the form of an article or book (monograph). Ideally, the work should appeal to a broad audience. Interdisciplinarity would be considered an advantage.

Recipients of The Peter Cashin Prize receive a framed certificate and an award of $700. 

Please send nominations to by April 8, 2024. 


You can nominate yourself or others for this award.

Nominations should consist of a statement of no more than 600 words that outlines:

  • How the work contributes to an understanding of the history and/or political economy of Newfoundland
  • Its originality

If relevant, nominations should also address the work's:

  • Appeal to a  broad audience
  • Its interdisciplinarity

Nominations and a hard copy (or PDF) of the work being nominated should be sent to Rose Frew (, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Memorial University, 230 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's, NL, A1C 5S7.


Nominations will be judged by a three-member committee consisting of representatives of the Departments of History and Political Science and a member nominated by the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Past Recipients

The prize was established in memory of famed Newfoundland politician and veteran Peter Cashin (1890-1977). Below is a list of previous winners of the award

2022 Recipient

Andrea Procter (Archaeology), Candace Cochrane, Nunatsiavut Creative Group 
Looking Back: A Portrait of Inuit Life in Northern Labrador, 1969-1986) TautukKonik: Piusigilauttavut Labradoriup Taggani, 1969-1986)

2021 Recipient

Beverley Diamond |Ethnomusicology program
On Record: Audio Recording, Mediation, and Citizenship in Newfoundland and Labrador

2020 Recipient

Andrea Procter | Archeology 
A Long Journey: Residential Schools in Labrador and Newfoundland 

2019 Recipient:

Raymond B. Blake and Melvin Baker
Where Once They Stood: Newfoundland’s Rocky Road towards Confederation 

2018 Recipient:

Anne Budgell
We All Expected to Die: Spanish Influenza in Labrador, 1918-1919 

2016 Recipient

Jeff Webb | History
Observing the Outports: Describing Newfoundland Culture, 1950-1980

2015 Recipient

John Nick Jeddore
Moccasin Tracks: A Memoir of Mi'kmaw Life in Newfoundland