Career development

Students can receive career development and job search support from the Career Development Office

You can also browse our HSS-specific career development resources below:

BA Profesional:
A Career Conversation Series

In our BA Professional video series, a current student in our faculty interviews a former HSS student about their career path after they graduated. We ask them how they got their dream job, to give you some insight on how you might do the same. The videos also offer you a peek at the many, diverse professions that await you after graduation. Guests have included Communications Advisors for the United Nations to CEOs who started their own business. We have hours of videos for you to enjoy and learn from:

CBC Peter Gzowski Internship

As a student in our faculty, you have access to an amazing opportunity to work with CBC radio for a summer: Memorial is one of only four universities in Canada that can offer its students a paid internship with CBC Radio. This entails a week at CBC in Toronto, then a summer with CBC N.L in St. Johnn's. The CBC Peter Gzowski internship is open to students in our faculty in their final year of studies:

Career frequently asked questions

It’s perfectly natural to be anxious, excited or anything in between when thinking about your future and your job prospects. What can I do with a Bachelor of Arts degree? Where can I look for work? I’m applying for jobs but having no luck, what am I doing wrong? We have composed a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you:

Career options with a BA

Curious what careers are associated with our majors? Wondering what to do with your degree once you get it, or now that you have it?  The answers might surprise you, or make perfect sense once you see them: we’ve had folklore majors go on to host national CBC radio programs and archeology graduates find exciting work in Newfoundland & Labrador's thriving tourism sector.

Find work on campus

There are a number of part-time work programs on campus, and they provide flexible hours to accommodate your class schedule. You can apply for these jobs at the beginning of every semester. Other work opportunities exist at MUNSU, the MUSE, the Bookstore, the Works, Bitters, the food court in the UC, among other other options

Virtual career workshops

Career Advisors across Memorial University’s St. John's campus have partnered to bring students a series of career development/job search workshops online. The content of the workshops will address ways of building job search techniques and conducting career exploration using online resources. Students can choose to attend one virtual workshop or attend them all.