BA Critical Reading and Writing Requirement


The Critical Reading and Writing Requirement (CRW) is designed to ensure that students develop university-level foundational knowledge and skills in critical reading and writing in the Humanities and/or Social Sciences, as described in the CRW course guidelines. To fulfill the Critical Reading and Writing Requirement, a student must complete a minimum of 6 credit hours in foundational Critical Reading and Writing courses. This shall include 3 credit hours in a 1000-level CRW course offered by English, and an additional 3 credit hours in any Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences course titled “Critical Reading and Writing in…”. A student is encouraged to complete the second CRW course in another area of study, normally in his/her respective Major or Minor, if available. A Critical Reading and Writing course cannot also be used to fulfill the Language Study Requirement or the Quantitative Reasoning Requirement. Guidelines for CRW courses are maintained by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

For the comprehensive and current list of courses, search for CRW courses in Self-Service by:

  1. Logging into Self-Service
  2. Select “Registration”
  3. Select “ Look-Up Course Offerings”
  4. Select the semester for which you are inquiring about course availability
  5. Select "Advanced Search"
  6. Go to “Attribute Type” and Select “Critical Reading & Writing”

This search will provide a listing of all CRW courses offered for the specified semester. The search can be further refined by selecting CRW courses in a specific discipline, at a specific campus, etc.