Department Contact Information

Listed below are the contacts for each of the Departments in the Humanities and Social Sciences faculty. Can't find what you're looking for? See also the listing for Certificate and Diploma Coordinators, or contact the Faculty office: (709-864-8254)

Department Heads/Secretary E-Mail Telephone Room #   QC4027
Anthropology Dr. Lincoln Addison, Interim Head 7818 QC4021
  Tina Scott 7655 QC4027
Archaeology Dr. Vaughan Grimes, Head 8861 QC2008
  Glenda Hiscock 3210 QC2001
  Fran Banfield 8869 QC2002
Classics Dr. Luke Roman, Head 8910 AA 2055
  Cathy Kieley 8593 AA2056
Commincation Studies See English      
Criminology See Sociology    AA3077
Economics Dr. Wade Locke, Head 8104 AA3080
  Katie Flood 8248 AA3077
English Dr. Jennifer Lokash, Head 8286 AA3026
  Lisa Meaney 8277 AA3026
  Debbie Dunn 8297 AA3026A
Folklore Dr. Holly Everett, Head 8402 ED4045
  Margie Chafe 8402 ED4046
  Pauline Cox: Folklore Archieve 8401 ED4038
Gender Studies Dr. Jennifer Dyer, Head 3322 SN4084
  Audrey O'Neill & Juanita Lawerence 3322 SN4084
Geography Dr. Arn Keeling, Head 8990 SN 1041
  Valerie James 7417 SN2012
  Lynn Murphy 7418 SN2009
History Dr. Stephan Curtis, Head 8420 AA4019
  Ann Marie Gushue 2164 AA4019A
  Renee Clowe 8420 AA4019
Law and Society see Political Science    SN3050B
Linguistics Dr. Carrie Dyck, Head 8905 SN3049
  Suzanne Browne 8134 SN3050
Medieval Studies see Philosophy    SN4023
MLLC Dr. Philippe Basabose, Head 7636 SN4023
  Heather O'Brien 8571 SN4026
  Melanie Sears 7636 SN4023
  Sheri-Lynn Terry 8831 SN4023
Philosophy Dr. Arthur Sullivan, Head 8333 AA3105
  Jill Robinson 8336 AA3070
Political Science Dr. Alex Marland, Head 8178 SN 2045
  Audrey O'Neill 8179 SN2044
  Juanita Lawrence 3566 SN2044
Religious Studies Dr. Barry Stephenson
8113 AA5031
  Annette Sullivan 8166 AA5007
Sociology Dr. Liam Swiss, Head 4467 AA4053
  Marina Thistle 7457 AA4054
  Rudy Bishop 7443 AA4054
  Maureen Battcock 8158 AA4082