Department Contact Information

Note that the following programs are housed in the departments indicated in parentheses

  • Communications Studies (See Dept. of English)
  • Criminology (See Dept. of Sociology)
  • Law & Society (See Dept. of Political Science)
  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies (See Dept. of Philosophy)


NamePositionEmailTelephoneRoom #
Dr. Alec Brookes Head 864-4788 SN3052
Tina Scott Administrative Staff Specialist 864-7655 QC4027
Dr. Vaughan Grimes  Head  864-8861  QC2008 
Glenda Hiscock  Administrative Staff Specialist  864-3210  QC2001 
Fran Banfield Academic Program Assistant  864-8869  QC2002 
Dr. Luke Roman Head   864-8910  AA2055 
Cathy Kieley  Administrative Assistant  864-8593  AA2056 
Dr. Roberto Martínez-Espiñeira Head 864-3676  AA3080 
Crystal Crews Administrative Assistant 864-4089  AA3077 
Dr. Robert Ormsby Head 864-8275  AA3011
Savanna Muscat Secretary to Dept. Head /
864-8277 AA3026 
Wendy Mosdell-Wadman Manager of Academic Programs  864-8061  AA3022 
Debbie Dunn Administrative Staff Specialist III   864-8297 AA3026 
Brenda Smith Graduate & Undergraduate Secretary  864-8056  AA3026 
Dr. Mariya Lesiv  Head 864-8402  ED4045 
Vacant Intermediate Clerk Stenographer  - -
Pauline Cox  Folklore Archives Archivist  864-3989  ED4038 
Gender Studies
Dr. Jennifer Dyer Head  864-3322  SN4084
Adi Khaitan Department Administrator 864-3322  SN4082 
Dr. Arn Keeling Head  864-8990  SN1041 
Pamela Murphy Admin Staff Specialist III 864-7418  SN2009 
Valarie James Intermediate Secretary  864-7417  SN2012 
Dr. Jeff Webb Head  864-8420  AA4019 
Renée Clowe Admin Staff Specialist II

 864-2197  AA4019 
Pardeep Deol Intermediate Secretary 864-8420  AA4019  
Dr. Sara Mackenzie Head 864-8170 SN3049 
Wendy Roach Administrative Secretary

864-8134  SN3050 
Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Dr. Maria Mayr Head 864-8829 SN4023 
Heather O'Brien  Secretary to the Dept. & Dep. Heads  864-8571  SN4026  
Sherri-Lynn Terry  Administrative Staff  Specialist II  864-8831  SN4023 
Dr. Arthur Sullivan Head  864-8333  AA3105 
Jill Robinson  Administrative Secretary  8336  AA3070 
Political Science
Dr. Amanda Bittner Head  864-8178  SN2045 
Juanita Lawrence   Intermediate Secretary  864-3566  SN2044 
Audrey O'Neill    Administrative Secretary  864-8179  SN2044 
Religious Studies
Dr. Barry Stephenson Head 864-8113  SN5005
Annette Sullivan  Administrative Secretary  864-8166  AA5007 
Dr. Rochelle Côté  Acting Head

864-3758 AA4057
Marina Lethbridge  Intermediate Secretary  864-7457  AA4054 
Ruby Bishop Administrative Staff Specialist III 864-7443  AA4049 
Maureen Battcock  Intermediate Clerk Stenographer  864-8158  AA4082