Undergraduate Program Directors

Note: Undergraduate students with general questions about possible degree programs, declaring a major/minor program, degree requirements, course selection, certificates, diplomas, and general academic advice in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences should visit the academic advising page.  

A page is available outlining the roles and responsibilities of Undergraduate prgram directors.

DepartmentNameE-Mail AddressPhoneRoom
Anthropology Dr. Sharon Roseman sroseman@mun.ca 864-2452  QC4007
Archaeology Dr. Mario Blaser mblaser@mun.ca 864-6116 QC4017
Classics Dr. Kathryn Simonsen kathryns@mun.ca 864-8531 AA2061
Communication Studies (English) Dr. Dwayne Avery davery@mun.ca 864-8928 AA3034
Criminology (Sociology) Dr. Adrienne Peters apeters@mun.ca 864-2665 AA4064
Economics Dr. Lynn Gambin lynn.gambin@mun.ca 864-8103 A3086
English Dr. Sarah Thorne sthorne@mun.ca 864-8289 A3099
Folklore Dr. Mariya Lesiv mlesiv@mun.ca 864-4417  
French (MLLC) Dr. Anne Thareau athareau@mun.ca 864-8597 SN4031
Gender Studies Dr. Katherine Side kside@mun.ca 864-6133 SN4079
Geography Dr. Charles Mather cmather@mun.ca 864-8193 SN2017
German (MLLC) Dr. Maria Mayr mmayr@mun.ca 864-8829 SN3056
History Dr. Sébastien Rossignol srossignol@mun.ca 864-2602 A4009
Law & Society (Political Science) Dr. Christina Doonan undergrad.polisci@mun.ca 864-7413 SN2043
Linguistics Dr. Sara MacKenzie sjmackenzie@mun.ca 864-8170 SN3050E
Medieval and Early Modern Studies (Philosophy) Dr. Agnes Juhasz-Ormsby ajormsby@mun.ca 864-6899 A3012
Philosophy Dr. Peter Trnka ptrnka@mun.ca 864-8338 A3067
Political Science Dr. Christina Doonan undergrad.polisci@mun.ca 864-7413 SN2043
Religious Studies Dr. Pat Dold pdold@mun.ca 864-3539 AA5010
Russian (MLLC) Dr. Alec Brookes abrookes@mun.ca 864-4788 SN3052
Sociology Dr. Lisa-Jo van den Scott kvandenscott@mun.ca 864 8677 AA4061
Spanish (MLLC) Dr. Myriam Osorio mosorio@mun.ca 864-4502 SN4045