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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences iBA program is designed to prepare students for a future as global citizens. The International BA is similar to the existing BA (it requires a minimum of 120 credit hours; requires a minor or second major; has the same core requirements and is completed by electives). It differs in the following ways:

  • Students need to complete 24 credit hours in designated International Studies courses (as part of the minimum 120 credit hours). A student must have an overall average of 70% or higher in the minimum number of designated International Studies (IS) courses.
  • Students are required to complete 12 credit hours in Language Study courses as compared with 6 credit hours in a regular BA.
  • Students are required to reside outside of Canada for a minimum of 12 weeks while actively enrolled in the program by participating in a Memorial field school, studying at a non-Canadian institution or participating in an international work placement outside of Canada. Students facing extenuating circumstances that prevent them from travelling may apply to complete an equivalent work placement within Canada that involves immersion in international cultures.

The iBA program is available exclusively to students at the St. John’s campus, who complete a Major or Honours program in one of the following Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences programs: Anthropology, Archaeology, Classics, Economics, English, Folklore, French, Gender Studies, Geography, German, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Russian, Sociology, and Spanish.

Unless otherwise specified, normal Bachelor of Arts regulations apply with respect to Joint programs and Minor programs, including those offered by other Faculties and Schools.

The iBA is not available:

  • To students with a Major in an interdisciplinary program (Communication Studies, Criminology, Law and Public Policy, Medieval Studies) or a Faculty of Science program (Computer Science, Psychology, Pure Mathematics, Statistics), unless the student also completes an eligible Honours or Major program.
  • To students who are enrolled in a Co-operative Education degree program.
  • To students who have been previously awarded a General Degree of Arts or a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree.

Current students who wish to declare an iBA can do so at any time by emailing reghelp@mun.ca from their @mun email account.

See the Calendar, Section 6.2.3 for a listing of designated International Studies courses.

To access a listing of all International Studies courses offered during a given semester:

  1. Log into Self-Service
  2. Select “Registration”
  3. Select “ Look-Up Course Offerings”
  4. Select the semester for which you are inquiring about course availability and “Submit”
  5. Select "Advanced Search"
  6. Go to “Attribute Type” and Select “Int’l Studies Designated” then “section Search”

This search can be further refined by discipline, campus, etc.