Educate through experience


Understanding fundamental business concepts is at the core of business education. We provide a foundation as solid as the rock on which we’re built while also offering ongoing support to the next generation of leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

In this fast-paced entrepreneurial world, students need to not only understand core business theories, but they must also know when and how to use them. We’re dedicated to educating students, bringing our research results to the classroom and translating them into business practice, and providing students with opportunities to apply what they’ve learned in the real world.

By leveraging our external partnerships, we provide our students with an education and an experience that enriches our world.

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Our goal

Enhance experiential learning opportunities in our curricula.

Our progress

We offer a number of experiential learning opportunities, including welcoming real-world practitioners and business leaders into our classrooms. These guest speakers bring a wealth of experience and insight into current business trends and industry challenges.

Several of our courses include an experiential learning component, including (but not limited to):


We provide opportunities for student to experience the real world of work. These include:


Finally, we hire Memorial students for meaningful work opportunities within our faculty through the following programs:


Our goal

Gain an understanding of student experiences in business programs at Memorial.

Our progress

We’ve integrated an annual student satisfaction and experience survey into our processes to identify student needs and guide program planning.