Engaging ideas


Bridging the gap between research and business worlds

Staying connected to our community is important to the Faculty of Business Administration. We believe that by leveraging the talent of our faculty and our highly engaged local business community, we can create a catalyst for success for our province. And that’s just what we are doing with our Engaging Ideas program.

Engaging Ideas is a presentation series designed to strengthen ties between our researchers and the business community at large. As a forum for our researchers to present their work, the series bridges the gap between academia and local industries and raises awareness about the type of research being conducted in our faculty.

The Faculty of Business Administration recognizes that to best meet the needs of our diverse economy and the players within it, we must be innovative and adaptable. The Engaging Ideas series will help shape our research questions and ensure that our work has real-world impact, local relevance and speaks to the challenges businesses and entrepreneurs currently face. It also creates meaningful engagement opportunities that foster collaboration and promote access to industry and sectoral content and knowledge. As the sole provider of graduate business programs in the province, we are committed to being a pillar of knowledge for our society, embracing changes and challenges as they arise and offering relevant information to help determine a way forward.