Chair in corporate governance and transparency


Dr. Jeffrey Pittman, chair in
corporate governance and transparency

Corporate governance consists of the collection of rules, processes and practices that determine the relationship between managers of an organization and those who have a stake in the organization’s performance including shareholders, creditors, employees, customers and society at large. In short, it examines the ways in which suppliers of finance to corporations assure themselves of getting a return on their investment.

Held by Dr. Jeffrey Pittman, the chair in corporate governance and transparency reflects the importance the Faculty of Business Administration places on corporate governance and accountability research and teaching. Besides teaching excellence, the chair conducts research projects on the determinants of sound corporate governance practices that are grounded in prior theory and evidence from various disciplines.

A major focal point of the chair’s research activities will be identifying auditing, tax, financial reporting and other monitoring mechanisms that strengthen corporate governance. The chair in corporate governance and transparency will lead the continued development of Canadian expertise in governance and will bring together expertise from other parts of Memorial University within the theme of corporate governance and public policy.