ADUA Student Advisory Board

The goal of the ADUA Student Advisory Board is to provide valuable advice to the associate dean of undergraduate programs and accreditation (ADUA) that assists in understanding and enhancing the student experience.

The board is comprised of undergraduate business students at the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University. The ADUA serves as an ex-officio member with student membership reflecting program, year of study, gender, and domestic or international status, with the aim of serving as a representative voice for undergraduate business students.

A new board will be appointed each September. Students may serve multiple terms.

2023-2024 ADUA Student Advisory Board members:

  • Pedro De Sampaio Gruner
  • Mohamed Hassan
  • Shea Kieley
  • Solina Mi
  • Russell Noseworthy
  • Victor Pashuk
  • Kathleen Staubitzer
  • Maxwell Stockley
  • Aidan Warren