Grenfell Course Equivalencies

Courses offered by the Faculty of Business Administration at St. John’s campus have the BUSI prefix. Business courses offered by Grenfell Campus have the BUSN prefix. These business programs and courses are not directly equivalent.

Students may not receive credit for both a BUSI course and its BUSN equivalent. In instances when a student has completed both courses, the higher mark of the two courses is used to meet degree requirements. For example, if a student completes both BUSN 1010 and BUSI 1000, the higher of the two marks is used.

Please be aware of any notes or conditions in the course equivalency table. For example, BUSN 1020 isn’t equivalent to BUSI 1600 but BUSN 1020 may be used as an unspecified business elective.

We review all course equivalencies every five years. Note that the table below is only for BUSN courses completed at the Grenfell Campus. Any transfer credits that are awarded as BUSN courses may not be automatically used as BUSI courses; these BUSN courses need to be re-evaluated by the evaluation officer for credit.