FAQs: Business One

I’ve been admitted to the Faculty of Business Administration. Which program am I in?

Your program of study will display in Memorial Self-Service as follows:

Current primary program: Bachelor of commerce declared 2021-2022 spring
Faculty: Business Administration
Major: Business One

This means you are enrolled in Business One. You will need to apply to the B.Comm. or B.Comm.(Co-op.) program once you have completed the Business One requirements. At that time, pending admission, your program and major will be updated in Memorial Self-Service.

Which math course should I take in Business One?

Choosing a math course depends on your background and ability. Students should refer to the Students should refer to the math course criteria chart before selecting a first-semester course.

Business One requires either MATH 1000 or MATH 1005. You may need to complete prerequisite courses in order to register for either course.

If you have further questions about which math course you are eligible to take, email mathugrad@mun.ca.

Can I take two English courses to complete the English/CRW requirement?

There are a number of course combinations you can take to meet the English/CRW requirement:

  • Two ENGL courses (such as ENGL 1090 and ENGL 1110)
  • One ENGL course and one CRW course (such as ENGL 1090 and FOLK 1005)

Some English courses, such as ENGL 1090, are both English and CRW courses. This means you may count it as one English course or one CRW course towards your Business One requirements. You may not count a course twice to meet both the English and CRW requirements.

I failed a course for Business One. What do I do now?

If you have a failed a course that is required for Business One during the fall or winter semester, you may complete it during the intersession, or spring, semester. Applications for the B.Comm. and B.Comm.(Co-op.) aren’t reviewed until after spring semester grades are released so this won’t affect your application.

If you have failed a course during the intersession, or spring, semester that’s required for Business One, you should meet with an academic advisor to make a plan for later admission. To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, email busihelp@mun.ca.