Upcoming graduate courses

Please note that the authoritative source for course offering information is the Registrar's course list. Course information provided below is for planning purposes only and should be double-checked against the Registrar's listing before the start of the semester. These lists are TENTATIVE and will be adjusted/updated regularly during the coming semesters.

FALL 2022 

Course Course Name Delivery
8103 Statistical Applications in Management Online
8104 Organizations: Behaviour & Structure In-person
8106 Marketing Online
8107 Managing Ethics and Responsibility In-person
8108 Economics for Management Online
8109 Accounting for Management In-person
8204 Human Resources Management In-person
8205 Information Systems Online
8210 Labour Relations In-person
9026 International Business Law Online
9035 Management Consulting In-person
9036 Case Analysis In-person
9043 Team Building & Diversity In-person
9045 Marketing for Sustainability In-person
9324 Gender Work & Organizations In-person


Course Course Name  
8104 Organizations: Behaviour & Structure Online
8106 Marketing In-person
8204 Human Resources Management In-person
8205  Information Systems In-person
8206 Managerial Finance In-person
8207 Operations Management In-person
8208 Strategic Management In-person
8209 Leadership & Interpersonal Skills In-person
9030 International and Comparative Industrial Relations Remote
9308 New Venture Creation In-person
9312 Financial Management In-person
9320 Investment & Portfolio Management In-person
9323 Financial Forward, Futures & Options In-person
9329 Labour Law In-person


Course Course Name  
8108 Economics for Management In-person
8109 Accounting for Management Online
8204 Human Resource Management Online
8209 Leadership & Interpersonal Skills Online
9020 International Human Resource Management In-person, May-June
9032 Digital Marketing Online May-June
9040 Business Sustainability In-person
9322  Strategic Mgt of Tech & Innovation  In-person, May-June