Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at Memorial University, St. John's campus only, has a wide range of program offerings, all of which are intended to be challenging, dedicated to the evolution of computer science, and attempt to strike a balance between the study of hardware, software, theory
and practice.

A student, either on entrance to Memorial University or after successful completion of his/her first year of studies, may declare his/her intent to enter one of our computer science programs.

For a majority of our program offerings, a student has the option of entering either the Faculty of Science or the Faculty of Arts, working towards either a B.Sc. or BA degree, respectively.

The computer science and mathematics course requirements are the same for students in either Faculty, with the main difference being in the student's choice of electives to fulfill faculty requirements.

Computer Science general or honours degrees are offered in either Faculty.

A general degree provides the student with exposure to the theoretical and applied concepts of computer science which are standard in any computer science program.

Students who continue on to the honours program have the opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge in computer science, and are exposed to research activity in the discipline, under the supervision of a faculty member.

A minor in computer science is also available in either Faculty.


Department of Computer Science

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