Welcome to the Department of English. Here you will encounter ideas, both new and old, and texts, both experimental and traditional. You will read some of the best works in literature and culture; you will engage in provocative conversations about meaning, history, the future, your identity, and your place in the world.

We offer degrees in English and communication studies, diplomas in creative writing and performance and communications media, and a certificate in film studies.

All of our programs are designed to help you think critically, read closely, and write effectively. Whether you are pursuing a major, a minor, an honours, or a graduate degree, you will find a diverse range of courses taught by dynamic and engaging professors.

In the Spotlight: Harlow - Fall 2025 - English and Anthropology

An English and Anthropology program will be offered in Fall 2025. Please see the poster below, and visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/harlowfall2025 to keep up-to-date on the program. You can also email Dr. Jamie Skidmore (English) skidmore@mun.ca or Dr. Andrea Procter (Anthropology) at andrea.procter@mun.ca.




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