Beyond Business One


Application deadlines:

  • May 15: fall admission
  • Dec. 1: winter admission
  • March 1: spring admission

Application deadlines:

  • May 15: for Term 1 and Term 3 only
  • Dec. 1: for Term 2 only

All application deadlines are strictly enforced. Late applications will not be accepted.

Students who have completed Business One and are ready to apply for either the B.Comm. or B.Comm. (Co-op.) must:

  • be declared as a Business One student; and
  • have completed all Business One courses with an overall average of at least 65 per cent and an overall cumulative average of at least 60 per cent.*

Students applying to the B.Comm. (Co-op.) must have a term of five, which demonstrates they have successfully completed five courses in one semester.

Both the B.Comm. and B.Comm.(Co-op.) are competitive. Meeting the minimum admission requirements doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepted into a program.

 * Note about terminology:

Overall average in Business One courses means an average of 65 per cent on the 10 required courses, not 65 per cent in each course. You can calculate this average by adding up all of your Business One course grades and dividing by 10.

If you have a PAS or transfer credit (T) used within your Business One courses, don’t include these when calculating your average. Instead, divide the number of courses with numerical grades to calculate your Business One overage average.

Cumulative average is based on your entire academic career at Memorial. This may include courses you have completed that aren’t used toward Business One requirements. If you have only completed the required Business One courses, your cumulative average and Business One average will be the same.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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