Compassionate Leave

A medical student shall be granted compassionate leave of three (3) consecutive calendar days in the event of death of a mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, child, legal guardian, Grandfather or grandmother; and two (2) additional calendar days if significant travel is required (e.g. funeral outside of the province).

Student Action Required

  1. At a minimum, the UGME office must be contacted​​
    1. Students in Phases 1-3: call 709-864-6305 (or toll free 1-855-884-8463) or email
    2. Students in Phase 4: call 709-864-6293 (or toll free 1-855-884-8463) or email
  2. Complete the "Medical Student Leave/Exam Deferral Request" form and submit it to the UGME office as outlined in the respective Requesting Leave page. The form has to be submitted no later than the first day upon return to duty.
  3. Students in Phase 4 are strongly encouraged to contact their supervisor, preceptor or resident directly; this is considered appropriate and professional behavior. 
  4. Compassionate leave may be approved retroactively.

The Learner Wellness Counsultant is available at 864-6349 to support students who are experiencing the loss of a loved one and student can also avail of the resources listed on the Distressed Learners page. 

Documentation that proves a student’s relationship to the deceased is required (e.g., a death certificate, a published death notice showing relationship to the deceased, a letter from an appropriate authority such as a funeral director, etc.) when requesting compassionate leave. Leave for travel time also requires supporting documentation (e.g. boarding pass, ferry receipts, etc.).